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Expert in tailor-made IT solutions

At Serviom we are experts in IT engineering. Our solutions are created and adapted to the specific needs of our customers. We provide counsel and assistance: from the study to the development through the provision of the necessary equipment to run your solutions.

At the source of the spirit of engineering, our mission is to consult with you to find the points of contention where an IT solution will meet your needs.

The Serviom offer is a proactive approach that translates into a commitment to the result. This confidence in our know-how is translated by interventions in flat rate where only the final product in accordance with your needs, matters.

Often complementary to your own I.T. Department, our engineers analyze your needs, carry out the study, before moving on to the development of the solution.

We are proud to carry the values of computing services with an ultimate goal of improving the reliability and performance of your business.

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Serviom Books™

A software suite oriented Productivity & Management


SERVIOM is pleased to present its application from a range of management software Serviom Books™.

We have studied and designed for our customers a reliable and secure solution for the payment management of suppliers.

Bcheck™, first module to integrate the Serviom Books™ suite, is a product dedicated to the automation of management, processing and editing of payment slips with detachable checks.


Bcheck™ puts at your fingertips, an automated and intelligent solution, which helps prevent human errors thanks to its real time audit module. Here are some smart examples:

  • Amounts (pay against this check) are automatically converted to alphabets. Spelling erros on your checks is a thing of the past.
  • An invoice already paid or with duplicate entries within a form, blocks the edition of the slip.
  • The amounts are displayed in a standardized format for easy reading.
  • The total amount of invoices within the form is automatically reflected on the check.
  • Real-time control makes it impossible to forget an entry.
  • The consistency of the dates format is guaranteed. 21/34/2018 or 41/02/2018 are detected and blocks the edition of the slip until correction.
  • In agreement with the FCFA, the amounts can only contain numeric characters.

Contact us to arrange an appointment in our Showroom. We will graciously take the time to introduce you to BCheck™ and the intelligence that makes it so specific.

We put at your disposal a database containing all the writings made with Bcheck™. The solution offers among other things a research module allowing the selection and interrogation of payments made according to various criteria.

Unlike market applications that limit your search to specific criteria or require the intervention of a seasoned engineer to produce custom reports, we leave you free to use your data (writings) as the sole criterion.

Serviom Analytics™ relies on your immediate need to enable you, without prior technical knowledge, to generate customizable reports.

At your disposal the edition of periodic reports (ex: monthly, quarterly, annual) facilitating the management of supplier invoices.

On the other hand, Bcheck™ integrates the ability to extract reports in the form of an Excel file or in PDF format, to give you even more possibilities.

Serviom Cloud™

A solution designed for peace of mind


SERVIOM provides the highest level of performance and security with its professional hosting service Serviom Cloud™. Our dedicated servers with one or two processors are fully customizable and built to order under Linux or Windows. You thus benefit, without additional costs, from all our expertise with the Serviom tailor-made™ service.

Our solutions are also provided with a 24x7 proactive monitoring Serviom SWACS™ (Serviom Warning and Control System) and Serviom Secure™ hardening.

Whatever the chosen level of service, our solutions integrate by default :

  • Standard DDoS protection: Automatically enabled as part of the Serviom Cloud™ platform.
  • IPMI access: All our servers use IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) for autonomous management of your servers.
  • ROOT access: You have permission to execute any command and access any resource on your server.
  • Dedicated IP address: The internet address of your server is unique and is exclusively assigned to you.
  • Business-grade SSD storage: Energy reduction with enterprise-class security features.
  • cPanel / WHM & Plesk Onyx: We provide you with the necessary tools to create and automate all the management tasks of your server.
  • CloudFlare CDN: A fast and global content distribution network.

Protect your important data with our storage and backup options, including SAN and offsite backups.

  • Offsite backups: Our backup solution provides continuous protection and offsite disaster recovery for your sensitive data.
  • Storage Area Network (SAN): Keep critical data in a SAN Serviom, a highly scalable and fault-tolerant network storage cluster.
  • Cloud backups: Daily automated or on-demand backups keep your server's data physically isolated for maximum security.
  • Cloud Block storage : Add flexibility to your cloud infrastructure by creating mobile storage blocks that easily handle large data.
  • Cloud Object storage: Highly redundant and cost-effective object storage frees up space on any server and is accessible through API calls.
  • Log storage : Log storage allows you to monitor and manage your server logs.

Strong security is essential for web hosting. Whether you are securing your site with SSL, filtering spam or more, we're here to help you find a solution that's right for you.

  • Firewalls & VPN: Ensure the resilience of your business by protecting your servers from malicious Internet traffic.
  • DDoS attacks prevention: Real-time monitoring mitigates traffic to protect your website and server from sudden attacks.
  • Compliance assistance: Protect your customers' sensitive data with the most secure hardware and software specifically designed for businesses.
  • Data protection: We can help you protect your data, giving you more time to focus on your business.
  • Server protection: Our enhanced configurations provide rapid changes to your operating system, improving security, reliability and compatibility.
  • Web application protection: A web application firewall does not require additional hardware and provides stability to Web applications with customizable rules.

Make your content available faster. A CDN provides nodes around the world to minimize the distance between your content and your users.

  • CloudFlare CDN: Speed up your website by delivering content from global servers near your visitors.
  • Akamai CDN: Minimizes the geographic distance between your visitors and your website's server for faster page loading, thus improving your customers' experience.
  • Load balancers: Increase the reliability and performance of your web application with load balances that route traffic to multiple resources during high activity.

Take control of your servers with WHM + cPanel, Plesk and iThemes.

  • WHM/cPanel: Administer your server independently and easily manage its configuration and content.
  • Plesk: User-friendly interface and tools make it easy to develop, secure and maintain sites while providing system-level control.
  • iThemes: The tools provided exclusively offer security, automatic backups and updates for simultaneous management of your WordPress sites.

Improve the performance of your Microsoft SQL database. With a dedicated database service, your applications can reach new levels of performance.

  • Microsoft SQL hosting: Microsoft SQL provides flexible licensing, feature-rich database services, and a highly scalable architecture.
  • Microsoft SQL as a service: A robust, scalable, high availability database solution that reduces the load on your primary server to improve overall performance.

Looking for a fully managed messaging solution? Entrust us your need. Our service includes state-of-the-art spam filtering and a scalable infrastructure designed for your growth.

  • Anti-Spam technology: Spam will not reach your mailboxes! And if it does, you have full control over the custom filtering of incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Scalability: You can rest easy, knowing that if your company goes from 5 to 500 employees, we will evolve with you.
  • Availability: Other solutions guarantee 99.9% uptime. Serviom is committed to 100%!

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  • Residence Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso
  • Address Rue Docteur Raphaël Clément Dakouré sect. 04 06 BP 10526
  • e-mail
  • Phone +226 25 30 67 43 / +226 76 66 72 54